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Sweeping For Electronic Bugs. Bug Sweeps and Electronic Bug Detection. 96 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, FL 33134 | 305.542.4600. SPY WORLD . Spy Store Miami | Spy Shop Miami |.

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In this case, that action should be to engage the services of a professional to undertake an electronic sweep of your premises. The process of counter surveillance begins from the moment you discover or suspect that you have been bugged. It is important to act as naturally as possible, without giving any information away in any areas that may.

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Electronic insect sweeping is a crucial preventative precaution to take whether you’re a little business or a large corporation. You can prevent damage and privacy breaches.

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An RF Detector is an electronic device that detects RF (Radio Frequency) signals sent from bugs or other listening devices in a room. Although you can purchase these from online spy and gadget stores, these devices are expensive. You can inexpensively build your device if you want to find out if someone is listening in on your conversations.

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The BEST GPS bug sweeper is the Spy Hawk PRO-10G. This unit is a Law Enforcement favorite because it is powerful and easy to use that will find all active GPS trackers. Spy Matrix® PRO-10G GPS Bug Sweep Finds Hidden GPS Trackers . Learn More About The Pro-10G Bug Detector.

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